Portable Load Bank

• 4 Units Available for Rent
• 100KW Portable Load Bank
• Compact for Easy Transport and Operation
• Lightweight Aluminum and Aluminized Steel Enclosure with caster wheels
• Rated for Continuous Operation
• Convenient Controls for Operator
• Digital Metering and Data Logging Software Included
• Large Load Capacity – 100 KW at 480 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, 120 Amps per Phase
• 3 Phase Capacity of 93.75 KW at 240V
• 3 Phase Capacity of 70 KW at 240V (unit derated on 240v setting with 208 applied)
•Ideal for routine testing and maintenance of AC power sources such as stand-by emergency generators and UPS systems
• Enclosed in Custom Heavy-Duty Industrial Transit Case

Brand: Avtron

Model: Freedom Load Bank 100 KW

Your Cost: $1500 per month per unit (Plus shipping, if applicable)

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